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We know that the decision or requirement to embark on a Thermographic Building Survey can be for often complex reasons, requiring an individual and tailored approach to any given project specification. Our methodology, equipment and resources provide the opportunity to survey and report in a variety of ways, enabling the completion of basic surveys through to more complex studies, the approach taken being entirely dependent upon required outcomes.

Our team employs both a quantitative and qualitative approach to accurately capture and assess building performance data, highlighting anomalies outside the expected or required norms of functionality for any particular environment. Importantly, iRed’s specialist equipment is capable of reaching and capturing image data for buildings up to 7 storeys high, in practical terms meaning an adaptable, aerial reach capable of imaging 95% of all UK buildings from a remote elevated position..

This non invasive process of Thermal Imaging can be used as an effective tool to accurately assess continuity of insulation, air leakage, thermal bridging, moisture compromise, leaking roofs and probability of mould to provide detailed breakdown of findings in line with your projects scope of works.

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